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About Total Hip Replacement

Total Hip Replacement has evolved over the years to relieve pain , allow patients to resume their daily activity and improve life quality for patients who are suffering in Osteoarthritis, Necrosis of the Femoral Head, Hip Dislocation, Acetabular Fractures, Osteomyelitis or Septic Arthritis .

The hip joint is made up of two major parts: the hip socket (acetabulum) and the upper end of the thighbone (femoral head). The implant for Total Hip Replacement are the stem, the head, the cup (the socket and the surface). The stem is made of metal and is placed within the thighbone (femur). The head is usually made of metal or ceramic to replaces the round head of thighbone. The cup has two parts; artificial socket is made of ceramic or metal and the surface is made of polyethylene or ceramic. The surface fits inside the artificial socket and allows the hip to move smoothly.

There are alternative materials for total hip replacement. It can be ceramic-on- polyethylene or ceramic-on-ceramic . Each of these material combinations has advantages and disadvantages.

Dr Wu and Orthopedic Team in JJOH operated, now about nearly 100 cases per year for Total Hip Replacement.