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Total Knee Replacement Plan in JJOH

Hospital Stay: 7 Days
Basic Treatment Plan
Pre operation day:
(a)Once admitted to the hospital, orthopedic and other specialists doctor will do physical assessment, blood work, necessary tests before surgery. electrocardiogram (EKG),X-ray examination: chest X-ray, surgical site of surgery, ,Blood tests: blood count and analysis
(b) Anesthesiologist will explain, do pre-anesthesia assessment before surgery and give anesthesia during the surgery. You will also be asked to complete consent for Anesthesia to ensure your safety.
(c)Components for Total Knee Replacement are NexGEN LPS-FLEX, mini Keel Tibial System and artificial insert(surface), the zimmer implants products from USA. The super wearable artificial insert (prolong surface) might be substituted.
After surgery:
(d) Postoperative Pain Control (PCA) will be used to ease the pain after surgery.
(e) Seven days of hospitalization with medication, physician visit and daily follow up, nursing care, standard rehabilitation service for seven days hospitalization including consultation.