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Case 1.

Tsang had a car accident at his age of 50s and started his desperate life of cervical spinal injury, which paralyzed him from the neck down. He cannot move again and in desperation, suffered from incontinence. Dr. Kao performed the re-do surgery for him where his 3rd-4th-5th-6th-7th cervical vertebrae exceptionally recovered from rough spinal compression. Two weeks after surgery, he had a great progress and could walk gradually with his stand.

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Pre-op X-rayPre-op  MRIPost-op X-ray

Case 2.

With bad fortune, Yuan had a crucial hurt from his motorcycle accident at his 22 years of age.  He was transferred to medical center and was hopeless to hear doctor’s explanation that his cervical spine was fatally damaged. However, he did not want to yield to his future miserable life, his family helped him to transfer to JJOH hospital and registered for Dr. Kao’s help. Yuan was courageous to accept the difficult micro spine and thoracic fixation surgery. The next day after surgery, his legs regained nerve feeling and left lower limb even could afford the slight movement of walking. More than six months of hard physiotherapy treatment, he was able to stand with his walker.

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Pre-op MRIPost-op X-rayPost-op OPD