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Case 1.
Ming contributed over decades to work for her family, mostly an accountant to work in family business. At her age about fifty, her cervical deformity was too serious to barely move her head looking up, and a thorough numb extendeded from head to feet. The only hope of recovery from surgery has been finally relied on Dr. Kao Cheng-Hsing after almost all physicians rejected her to have high risk surgery.
 The difficult cervical fusion and internal fixation accomplished to readjust the “normal” rang of cervical lordosis.  At last Ming was happy for her walking with a straight back and fulfilled her luxurious expectation of writing in pain-free.

Pre-op X-rayPost-op X-rayPre-op MRI

Case 2.

Hong found without feeling at his left should and two fingers of his left hand for about 7-8 years. Several surgeons gave him advice to do anterior cervical discectomy with fusion(ACDF), but Yuan still remained skeptical. He found Dr. Kao and realized that the precise treatment should be 3-level cervical artificial disc replacement surgery. His exact symptom was multilevel cervical herniated disc (HIVD). Dr. Kao performed the artificial disc replacement surgery for him. The successful result brought him back a healthy life.

Pre-op MRIPost-op X-ray