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Complex Re-do Spine Surgery

The goal of spine surgery is to relieve the patient of pain so that the person may resume a normal life. Overall, spine surgery is highly successful and excellent outcomes are achieved. Occasionally a patient will require additional surgery. The reasons for revision surgery may include: re-herniation of a disc, infection, pseudoarthorsis, hardware failure, non-surgery related spine degeneration, instability, adjacent segment degeneration and etc. While many patients will have complete resolution of their spine disease symptoms, some will have incomplete results and a few will have residual dysfunction maybe even worsening. These few patients will continue to present with chronic pain even after surgery and a re-do spine surgery will be definitely necessary.
Revision surgery is more complex and the risks of revision surgery are higher than the patient’s first surgery. There is the chance of residual pain and it is more difficult to restore nerve function. Complex re-do spine surgery helps patients to regain normal life quality, with less threat of enduring tortures and disability.

‧ Incorrect diagnosis

‧ Developing scar tissue around the nerves

‧ Poor or incomplete intra-operative technique

‧ Intra-operative complications

‧ Failure to correct structural / biomechanical abnormalities

‧ Incomplete decompression of the nerves, or sac of nerves