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Benefits of MAKO

·         Patients Feel More Normal

·         Greater Patient Satisfaction

·         Consistent Implant Installations

·         Better Outcomes

·         Better Range of Motion

·         Less Painful

·         Quicker, Easier Recovery. Less Rehab

·         Less Invasive Surgery

·         Return to Work Faster

·         Tolerated Better by Older, Less Healthy

·         Reduced Hospital Length of Stay

MAKOplasty enables surgeons to accurately resurface only the diseased portion of the knee, saving as much of the original knee as possible — including healthy bone and ligaments. This minimally invasive approach, combined with a patient-specific surgical plan and more accurate implant placement, results in a more natural feeling knee compared with total knee replacement.


MAKOplasty can be performed on any one of the three knee compartments: the inside (medial), behind the kneecap (patellofemoral), or outside (lateral) compartments as a unicompartmental procedure, or it can be performed on both the medial and patellofemoral portions of the knee together, which is known as a bicompartmental procedure.