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History of JJOH

Aging is the global problem nowadays, and the bone degeneration occurs highly in elderly population. JJOH’s goal is to promote the medical interactions and quality to the approaches of health care for local and international patients. The dean of JJOH, Dr. Ming-Fang Wu, the orthopedic surgeon and Dr. Cheng-Hsing Kao, the spinal surgeon lead the professional medical team and established JJOH in March 10, 2011. In November of 2011, JJOH became one of Zimmer Learning Institutions in Asia to give training program for orthopedic doctors in China and Taiwan twice a year.


Why JJOH is different from other hospital?

JJOH is an orthopedic hospital with 86 beds and specialized in minimally invasive knee replacement and minimally invasive spine surgery. We are dedicated to providing high quality, compassionate care for patients and their families and have brought together a team of specialized physicians that applies the latest and successful treatments to musculoskeletal disorders.


Special Records of JJOH

JJOH accomplished more than 1,000 total knee replacement cases every year. Specializing in complex surgeries and joint replacements of the hip and knee, our team of experts is also well known for their practices of Cervical Artificial Disc Implant Surgery. Dr. Cheng-Hsing Kao accomplished the first Cervical Artificial Disc Implant Surgery in Taiwan on April 19th 2006, and organized the first Artificial Cervical Disc Symposium and Cadaver Workshop in Chi-Mei Hospital on June 11th 2006. JJOH is one of the most important orthopedic hospitals in Taiwan.