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Before coming to JJOH

If I want to see doctor in JJOH, how should I start?

Please see the registration flowchart-How to Make an Appointment

Is there any representative who speaks English could guide me to register?

Yes, our representative speaks English. You can reach our international center via

1. Email: jjoh.int@gmail.com
2. Phone: +886-7-2852999

I don’t live in Taiwan but I can pay out of my pocket. If I want to see doctor in JJOH, can I just make some phone calls or email an appointment request for operation?

In order to provide the best service, we need to preview your health condition before your operation in JJOH. After the surgeon accepts your case, our representative will inform you to have pre-admission consultation and a treatment plan will be designed for you without delay. Through detail understanding of your request, arrangements of transportation, accommodation and tourism will be well prepared for your trip.

Why do I need to contact JJOH international center first?

At the moment when you start to contact JJOH representative, we will closely contact you and collect details of what you need. Without doubt, we provide you abundant information to ease your worry and uncertainty about your medical treatment.

What kind of medical services in JJOH for international patient?

JJOH is an Orthopedic hospital with 86 beds includes 3 international medical beds. We are specialized in total knee replacement, total hip replacement, artificial disc surgery and minimal invasive surgeries.

I don’t speak English, do you have the interpreter to help me to understand the treatment plan?

Yes, we have International medical team trained for English interpretation. We do understand your frustration and worries about medical treatment. Our staff accompanies with you and provides instant assistance if necessary.

Get ready to come to JJOH

Do I need to prepare anything before coming to JJOH?

Certain, such as your valid passport, one photo ID, medical records, copies of current MRI and X-ray and your current medication.

Do I need to bring any personal belongings with me?

The international medical unit is on the 10th floor specially designed for international visitors. We are ambitious to construct a high quality accommodation environment as good as a 4-star hotel. Basically, you don’t need to worry since room service includes supplies such as clean water, slippers, towels, wi-fi and so forth. You do not need to carry heavy luggage except your personal preference items. Welcome to JJOH with a relaxed mind. Our passion, hospitality and professional medical treatment will be impressive to answer your request of medical trip.

Stay in JJOH

Can my family stay with me in the international unit?

Yes, family member are welcomed. One or two people could be available to stay with you.

Do you provide meals while I stay in JJOH? How about my family?

Yes, we have menu list every morning for you to pick up one day prior. The hospital fee including your meals but not for your family member, and there will be an extra meal costs for your family.

How about the laundry issue while I stay in JJOH?

We will give you a clean patient gown every morning for you to change. If you need laundry, our staff will collect for you and the billing will be added to the final invoice at your discharge.

I don't have family member stay with me while I am in JJOH. Can you arrange a private and professional assistance to help me?

Sure, we can arrange a professional staff to take care of you in JJOH. The fee for admission does not include the companionship of a private assistance, so the service charge of the assistance will be added to the final bill.

When is the visiting hours?

Visiting hour is from 8am-8pm.

Discharge Day in JJOH

What medical documents do l need to collect when I am back to my country?

We will give you the medical record summary, a copy of MRI, X ray, certificate of diagnosis with doctor’s remarks for flight trip and sick leave for work.

How about my incision dressing care?

While you stay in JJOH, the medical professional will give you and your family dressing care instruction day by day. Through the repetition of dressing care, you and your family would be able to do incision dressing when you are at home. Please report to your doctor in your home town or to our staff if any abnormal sign shows up in the incision area.

I want to spend some more days to have physiotherapies in Rehab center until the end of my follow up appointment in JJOH. Someone else will arrange additional accommodation for me?

Certainly, JJOH staff will surely reserve hotel near JJOH for you. It will be easy for you to reach JJOH for your further physiotherapies and follow up appointment.

Back to home

Anyone from JJOH whom I can contact if I discover any medical question at home?

Yes, JJOH representative basically will follow up to contact you every 2-3 days after your leaving hospital. We will closely trace with your recovering condition and if you have any question to ask physician in JJOH, you can inform our staff via Email: jjoh.int@gmail.com or phone: +886-7-2852999. We will report your latest condition to your surgeon and get back to answer you ASAP.

Do I need to follow up with my primary doctor or specialty in my country? If yes, when?

Yes please, to update your health condition with your previous doctor and checking your incision site after your leaving hospital could lower the rate of infection. You should make appointment to see your doctor in hometown 2-4 weeks after discharge. Please remember to bring JJOH documents and medications in your medical appointment. If necessary, your primary doctor will recommend you to see certain specialist and if you want to have another medical appointment in JJOH, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will reserve medical appointment with you.